Welcome to DuraMacs!

Our factory is located on a 5 hectares land in Ben Luc, Long An, in Southern Vietnam, about 30 kilometers west of Ho Chi Minh city. The facility has around 180 skilled employees, who are enthusiastic and committed in producing the best possible products.

We specialize in manufacturing Solid Surface since 2007. Our constant drive with passion have allow us to come up with two worldwide patented products over the years: Solid Surface Laminate and Epoxy Coating.

Our company is known in the industry for the best use of these two products from Manufacturing  – Designing – Fabricating of indoor and outdoor furniture.The products are used by interior and exterior project builders, designers, residential consumer and popular among global furniture buyers since 2008.

Working from raw materials, we are one of the leading ODMs of Solid Surface material in Vietnam, which has the advantage to produce per our customers’ requirements, with the highest standard of quality and durability.
The company is constantly propelling toward innovation and staff-developments, aiming toward the highest service integrity as well as providing a best return to our consumer investment.

Our products have been exported to many countries around the globe, mostly in North America, Europe (North of the Equator), South-East Asia, and Oceania.

"Bringing Inspirations & Qualities to Life"

Our motto is, “Innovate to bring quality to life.” We are driven by a mission to create innovative, high performance surfaces and materials to benefit people living.

Within the heart of our factory are the experienced management and innovating teams – along with the R&D department – the ideal materials – a combination of customized machinery and our patented techniques to execute the creative and practical designs. These not only give our products the aesthetic expressions of modern contemporary and sophisticated beauty, but also help us be unique

and competitive in the market. Our materials are the ultimate ideal quality solution in term of durability, aesthetics, functionality and hygiene. Suitable for projects of all kind. It is able to meet the most demanding environmental conditions.

Domestic market

We offer the finest selections of kitchen, bathroom vanity, indoor and outdoor furniture and we provide a full turnkey package from initial design, manufacture, to installation for your pproject.
Our special Solid Surface Laminate Cabinetry is 100% termite and humidity proof - our high gloss doors panels will maintain its gloss and colors for many years to come.


Since 2008, our products have been popular among global buyers for indoor and/or outdoor furniture.

Key exporting markets
Europe - North America - SE Asia - Oceania

Key exporting products
Outdoor/Indoor Furniture - Table top

Human resources

Over 9 years of experiences, innovations and practices, we have teams of highly skill workers in fabricating solid surface materials and laminate technique. Furthermore, our delicated sales team are readily available to consult your needs.

The heart of EverythingWe do.


At DuraMacs, our primary commitment is producing the finest quality and real value to our customers.
We guarantee that every product we deliver will stand up to the supreme test - our customer' safety and satisfaction.


Our Ten-Year Guarantee lets you put DuraMacs product to the test.

We are proud of our materials and stand behind the product we make. With the Solid Surface and our patented Solid Surface Laminate - Epoxy Coating technology, our products is 100% termite and humidity proof - doors panels maintain its high gloss and color for many years to come.

See our complete Warranty for other materials.