General Warranty Conditions

Duramacs’ warranty period applies only to the original purchaser, starting at the time of products being discharged from the appointed port stated in the sales contract.

It covers manufacturing workmanship only. If an item should fail as a result of a manufacturing fault or defect under normal domestic use and within their designed purposes, the manufacturer at their discretion will replace the failed item with the next shipment. Any replacement will be for the failed item only, and not a complete set. The original warranty period is not extended in the event of replacements.

For claims, it is the original purchaser's responsibility to submit all evidences of the claim to the manufacture along with proof of delivery date. Without evidences, claims are voided. Warranty specifically excludes general wear and tear, rusting of steel components and parts, corrosion, commercial use and damage caused as a result of failure to observe reasonable care, maintenance and assembly instructions for both furniture and hardware.

General Warranty Terms

Solid surface material is limited warranty against: absorbance, expansion, sepsis, mold, fungus, corrosion and fire (class 1), with timeline as below:
10 year-warranty for: countertop, sinks, and cabinet doors.
2 year-warranty for all other products.

Epoxy coating material has warranty term of 1 year in: color fading (with an allowance of ±5%), epoxy bonding, and warping (allowance of ±5mm).

However, each part of the product offers a different warranty due to other materials that are utilized (as detailed below):

EDP (or powder) Coated Metal: is covered with 1 year limited warranty.
Natural Woods: no warranty because of their organic nature.
Supported boards (i.e. marine or high density boards): are not warranted or guaranteed by DuraMacs as we are not the original manufacture.
Accessories and fabrics materials: are not warranted or guaranteed.

Please be advised that all published dimensions are approximate and will vary in production. When placing orders where product measurements and specifications are crucial, please contact the sales team and verify them prior to placing the order.

Please be aware that the warranty cannot be responsible for workmanship defects reported outside of warranty time frame, as other factors beyond the factory’s control enter into effect.

All warranty will be voided if the products are dealt with any aftermarket treatments.

Stain Resistan

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